Noryageur, a genuine sheepskin rug company

Noryageur, A Genuine Sheepskin Rug Company

Sheepskin & Lambskin rugs for the discerning customer searching for natural ethically sourced hides that are truly one of a kind.

Sheepskin rug” is the term used to describe a sheepskin pelt or lambskin hide and not to be confused with solely being suitable for the floor in your home. Sheepskins used as floor rugs may not be suitable for all households, but they can be a stylish addition to your sofa or favorite chair. Consider using them as a luxurious throw blanket to elevate the comfort and aesthetic of your living space.

Discover the unparalleled luxury of owning an authentic sheepskin from Noryageur, a Sheepskin Rug Company based in Vermont, USA. Shop our unique fur throws & rugs for sale now.

Decorative Sheepskins are Natural, Sustainable & Renewable!

We specialize in only natural sheepskin rugs! A natural sheepskin rug is completely natural, never dyed or altered to change the sheepskin’s natural appearance as created by nature. We uniquely photograph each natural sheepskin rug we offer so that you can see exactly what you will receive. No two natural sheepskin rugs will ever be alike.

Here’s a small sampling of our large offering from our single sheepskin & lambskin rug category

Throws & Blankets

Shop by primary color:

Beige + Tan

Natural Beige + Tan Sheepskin fur Rug on Chair used as a throw

Cream + White

Natural Cream + White Sheepskin fur Rug on Chair used as a throw


Natural Brown Sheepskin fur Rug on Chair used as a throw


Natural Black lambskin fur Rug on Chair used as a throw


Natural gray Sheepskin fur Rug on Chair used as a throw