Sheepskin rugs for benches, sitting chairs & dining chairs

By far, our most popular search and item for sale is a sheepskin for a dining bench, hallway bench or window seat.

If you found us looking for the perfect sheepskin to cover your bench seat, kitchen or dining chairs, or perhaps your favorite chair? Look no further, Noryageur has you covered! Below you will find beautiful examples of sheepskin chair pads, bench covers and seat covers we’ve helped our customers select.

If we don’t have the sheepskin that suits your needs or one that’s not big enough to cover your bench seat, we’ll have one made custom just for you! 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’ & even 12’ are no problem! Made using either Icelandic sheepskin or Natural English off-white with some light than markings (as shown on the dining bench).

We can have customize a natural sheepskin bench covers for you leaving it in a natural shape or making it into a perfect rectangle. A rectangle works great in window seats. Regardless, any chosen sheepskin will create an entirely new look and atmosphere in your room.

sheepskin chair pads for dining chairs

Sheepskins used on dining room chairs simply speak for themselves. They’re unique, whimsical, and add an indescribable warmth to your seating area. Sheepskin chair pads can be used on a solid wooden surface or atop your existing chair cushions. Our chair pad reviews are below.

A few of our reviews

Sheepskins rugs used on chairs

Whether you’re looking to change the look of a shabby old chair or perhaps add comfort and warmth to any room, a sheepskin is a surefire way to archive this decorating goal! During the pandemic, folks also discovered the amazing warmth and comfort provided by adding a sheepskin to their work chairs! If you need help to choose your one-of-a-kind sheepskin, just send us a quick email and we’ll be happy to assist!