Biggest reasons people are unhappy with their new sheepskin, not just from us but all stores that sell sheepskin rugs online

When it comes to purchasing a new sheepskin rug, customers expect nothing less than pure comfort and satisfaction. However, it’s unfortunate that many individuals find themselves unhappy with their new sheepskin purchase, not just from us but from various stores that sell these luxurious rugs.

We created a list below, so you’re able to avoid being dissatisfied when buying a sheepskin rug, whether from us or another retailer.

  1. Important for customers with monochrome or very white interiors. One of the biggest reasons behind dissatisfaction is the color of the sheepskin. Customers will experience a more deep creamy white color than customers having warm tones in their home. With warm tones in your home, your natural white sheepskin’s deep creamy color will be less pronounced and blend effortlessly into your home. To make a sheepskin look similar to artificial white, it needs to be bleached, dyed, or treated, which we do not do here at Noryageur.
  2. The color of the sheepskin fades or changes, leaving customers dissatisfied with the overall appearance. Dyed sheepskins (which we do not carry) commonly fade in exposed to the sun or UV light and their color can become uneven if the wool becomes wet by spot cleaning.
  3. Some customers may discover that their rug sheds excessively. Several factors may cause the excessive shedding of the rug, such as processing the lamb while molting or the need for more grooming to slow down the wool loss. Most shedding is very light and will stop quickly with regular care. We brush each sheepskin prior to shipment, so we haven’t ever had this complaint. If we have an excessive shedding sheepskin, we simply state it in the product details so the customer knows prior to purchase.
  4. Another common issue revolves around sizing discrepancies. Customers may find that their purchased sheepskin rug does not fit their desired space as expected is not as big as they had imagined. The industry standard is to measure sheepskins on the wool side at the fur’s longest points (as seen on our FAQs page), not the leather side of the pelt. This can lead to confusion, especially on websites that do not show clear sizing or measurement photos. It’s also important to keep in mind sheepskins are not a manufactured product. Sizing will never be exact or consistent since they’re a natural organic shape.
  5. Some individuals experience difficulties maintaining and cleaning their sheepskin rugs. You can see our cleaning instructions can be on our FAQs page. Follow the care instructions from the retailer you purchased or plan on purchasing your sheepskin from for proper cleaning. Different tanning styles may require different methods. As a general rule, wetting real leather is not good and only under extreme circumstances should a sheepskin rug be submerged in water. Your sheepskin will never be the same if you use this method and it will reduce the lifespan of your sheepskin.
  6. It’s not as soft as I thought it would be! This is very tough for big retailers who do not list each sheepskin individually! We do our best to describe the feel of each sheepskin on the product detail page, so this really isn’t an issue for us. Each sheep breed and sheep’s wool will vary depending on location and climate. The feel can range from silky soft, soft to touch with a woolly feel, or soft with a medium coarse feel. Infrequently, a sheepskin, especially from a harsh environment, may feel scratchy to the skin. We often recommend these sheepskins for use on the floor or as an accent piece.
  7. I thought the sheepskin would be thicker! Once again, this really isn’t an issue for us since we take time to photograph each sheepskin prior to purchase. We also created a simple way for you to compare how thick your sheepskin will be overall (you can view this on every product detail page or on our FAQs page). A sheepskin pelt is unique and can vary depending on age, breed, location, and climate.

The Noryageur difference:

When it comes to sheepskin rugs, we understand that each piece is unique and deserves individual attention. That’s why we go the extra mile to provide you with a personalized service that big box stores simply cannot offer.

At our store, we take pride in capturing the essence of every sheepskin rug through individual photos. This allows you to see the exact rug you will be purchasing, ensuring that there are no surprises when it arrives at your doorstep. No two sheepskins are alike, and we believe that showcasing their distinct characteristics is essential in making an informed decision.

Unlike big box stores where you may only have generic images to rely on, our commitment to providing high-quality photos gives you a true representation of the exact sheepskin throw or rug you are interested in. You can examine the texture, color variations, and overall appearance up close before making your purchase.

By offering this level of service, we aim to provide an unparalleled shopping experience for our customers. We understand that investing in a sheepskin rug is not just about functionality but also about adding warmth and style to your home. With our individual photos, you can confidently choose a sheepskin rug that perfectly matches your taste and preferences.

So why settle for mass-produced options when you can have a truly unique piece? Experience the difference by choosing our store for your sheepskin needs – where no two sheepskins will ever be alike and where personalized service sets us apart from big box retailers.

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