How do I decorate with a sheepskin rug?

Sheepskin on back of chair

Sheepskin rugs are the ultimate natural fiber rug that blends flawlessly with other natural decor and neutral tones but can also seamlessly blend with modern vivid interiors just as easily!

Use a small sheepskin as an accent piece draped over the back of a chair, sofa or railing.

Choose a large sheepskin to create a cozy spot in your favorite chair or on your sofa. Large sheepskins also look amazing draped over an ottoman!

You can use a very large sheepskin area rug as a focal point to add interest and depth of texture to any space!

Use a large stitched together sheepskin rug as a sofa throw, blanket or a chair cover to add warmth and a touch of luxury to your space.

Large quad and sexto sheepskin rugs are amazing on the sofa as duvet covers to freshen and old worn out couch without the added expense of buying new furniture.

Regardless of where you use a sheepskin rug, you will certainly add warmth and a touch of luxury to your space.

Are there other uses for sheepskin rugs?

Yes! Most certainly! Sheepskin rugs are so versatile and they’re suitable for so much more than just looking pretty as decor in your home! Sheepskin rugs are warm, very warm, and folks who are cold all the time benefit tremendously from their use! For folks who are cold all the time, they can place a sheepskin rug on their lap while working at the computer, reading or lounging watching TV. Cold feet? No problem, wrap your sheepskin pelt around your cold feet! In bed, your sheepskin can be under the blankets and sleep with your feet underneath your pelt to keep your feet toasty warm.

Speaking of warmth, sheepskin rugs are great for camping, where additional weight isn’t an issue. They’re superior when used as an emergency warming blanket in your car or home. You will be snug as a bug under your sheepskin rug!

Use your sheepskin rug on your horse or hog saddle. They make amazing saddle seat pads to protect you from the heat and cold.

Sheepskins are used to add tremendous comfort and are very soothing to those suffering from chronic pain. Sheepskins aid in sensory issues such as tactile dysfunction and offer unique texture.

Sheepskins are amazing when used on leather seats in hot cars to protect your legs from the hot leather. We at Noryageur use large pelt sheepskins in our trucks as seat covers to add comfort.

Let’s not forget the adored animals in our lives! Our Cats and Dogs! Animals adore sheepskins and soon you’ll realize that your pets have overtaken your spot in which your sheepskin rug lays.

Additional uses not mentioned above:

A most excellent, unique gift, whether it be a parent, grandparent, housewarming party or baby shower gift, a sheepskin, will certainly not disappoint (unless they’re vegan!).

Meditation mat

Photography backdrop

Yoga mat

Custom Upholstery

Are sheepskins environmentally sustainable?

Sheepskins are reusable, renewable, and biodegradable! Unlike their faux fur counterparts, which heavily pollute the waterways, land and air with micro plastics! Faux fur also is not biodegradable like a natural sheepskin. The dyes used in sheepskin are the most toxic part of the tanning process. That’s why at Noryageur we never sell hides that are dyed.

Are sheepskins ethical?

They do not kill sheep for their fur like fur farmed animals. Raising sheep ethically and when they’re harvested, letting nothing to go to waste IS ethical. Sheep are used for land management, milk, meat, & fiber so nothing ever goes to waste. Also, using a natural product such as a sheepskin rug that doesn’t pollute the earth when you’re done with it is also ethical in the long-term.

About Noryageur:

At Noryageur we specialize in 100% Natural Sheepskin Rugs. The sheepskins we offer for sale have soft to touch wool fiber and the leather is pliable. Each sheepskin’s origin and specific details are seen on the product page. Each sheepskin is unique, with no two ever being alike. “Sheepskin rug” is the term used to describe a sheepskin pelt or hide and not to be confused with solely being suitable for the floor in your home. Use of a sheepskin fur throw is only limited by your imagination! A sheepskin rug is a tanned leather sheep hide with its wool still attached.

We’re a small registered online business in Vermont, USA! We live and operate off the grid in the very spectacular Northeast Kingdom! Thanks to being a home-based small business, we’re able to offer you amazing prices for premium, high-quality sheepskin rugs! Our entire family adores sheepskin rugs in our home, including the animals!

In our spare time (if there’s really such a thing) we cherish everything, nature and what each season offers! The warmer three seasons we enjoy backpacking, growing our own food and living off the land. During the winter months, we transition to snowshoeing, woodworking, reading, and sewing. Constantly developing and learning new skills.