natural Mongolian sheepskin rug

Lush and Fluffy: Mongolian Sheepskin, use as a Throw or Rug

Mongolian sheepskin is known for its naturally crimp style locks that feel almost silky to the touch. The uniquely long fur brings luxury into any room. Luxurious softness with distinctive lush and fluffy long hair, making them a must-have décor accessory for maximum luxurious comfort in bedroom, living, dining, and theater rooms. These sheepskins also come in a variety of natural colors, allowing you to match any interior design scheme effortlessly. Moreover, their durability ensures that they are a lasting addition to your home, providing both aesthetic appeal and a cozy atmosphere year-round. Whether draped over a sofa or used as a throw on your favorite armchair, Mongolian sheepskin adds an element of sophistication that is hard to rival.

  • Softer than the softest sheepskin you can imagine with very fine wool.
  • Low maintenance long curly wool that remains beautiful even with daily use!
  • Versatile sheepskin can be used for garments, decor or as a warming throw
  • Very lightweight & slinky lambskins, weighing approximately 8oz per hide!
  • The Tibet Mongolian Sheep have very flexible and fine skin so they drape like a blanket
  • Naturally hypo-allergenic and biodegradable
  • 100% Genuine Mongolian Sheepskin
  • Imported

Luxury Tibet Mongolian Sheepskins


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We’re beyond thrilled to offer you these phenomenal rugs! Firstly, we spent the last month testing them out prior to announcing their offering. They’re virtually odor-free, durable, and surprisingly remain beautiful even when used on seating. These Mongolian sheepskins are oh-so-very cozy warm, and you can’t resist running your fingers through the silky wool! During testing, we used them as a shawl, car seat cover, wrapped around feet in bed to keep them warm, hand warmer, lap warmer, as an alternative heat pad, and as a decorative seat throw. I must say we’re totally impressed!

What is Mongolian / Tibetan sheepskin fur?

The Tibetan sheep derive from the original Mongolian sheep, this being the reason their names are used interchangeably. Historically, the original Mongolian sheep migrated to western China, including regions such as Tibet, Qinghai, and Gansu provinces. Over time, in regions like the grass banks on both sides of the Yellow River, rich in grass and mild alkaline water, a new evolutionary process began.

After many years, the Mongolian sheep adapted to their new environment and evolved into a distinct species, what is known now as the Tibetan sheep. Differing from their original Mongolian ancestors. Tibetan sheep have unique curls, are exceptionally soft to the touch, and present a slight crimp, making their fur remarkably tactile. These sheep traverse rugged landscapes in which is know as one of the most severe environments in the world, resulting in a warm and toasty wool fleece.

Starting around 1636, Tibetan sheepskin fur gained popularity as an overcoat material for warmth. The wool exhibited smoothness and curls akin to fur, prompting its use in clothing and décor. Initially, the primary reason for raising these sheep was their meat, which possesses less of the typical mutton odor and a more delicate balance between fat and lean meat. Additionally, the cost of breeding Tibetan sheep in western China was lower compared to other regions. Tibetan sheep thrive in conditions prevalent along the Yellow River grasslands with alkaline soil and underlying saline belts, where they can consume both pure and saline-alkaline water, thus enhancing their natural resilience.

Tibetan sheep became widely bred in the area and one of the main food resources, leading to numerous by-products from Tibetan sheep. The Tibetan fleeces were and still are utilized for their sheepskin fur for clothing and warm blankets. Tibetan sheep roam free across the wild grasslands and rugged terrain. Their sheepskin, meat, and milk are gifts of nature, and they are unique animals.

When acquiring a stunning Mongolian/Tibetan Sheepskin Throw, you are not merely purchasing a home décor item but also contributing to the preservation of a traditional way of life for herders in rural Tibet. The Tibetan sheep are raised in open pastures, free to roam, and all skins are by-products of the meat industry, not harvested solely for decoration. The sheep are sourced from certified natural farms that uphold ethical and environmental responsibilities.

The sheepskins tanned in China are also regularly tested to ensure they do not contain harmful chemicals, including pesticides, heavy metals, and formaldehyde.

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