Natural Organic shape Quad Sheepskin Rug


Discounted! The tannery accidentally sent these quads to us and they offered us a discount to keep them. We’re passing the savings on to you so we can move them on out!

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Natural Shape one-of-a-kind Quad Sheepskin area Rug or throw blanket, you decide!

These rare breed English natural sheepskin rugs are striking and unique. We list individually each sheepskin, so you can see exactly what you will receive. Natural sheepskin rugs are a great option for those who want to add a touch of warmth and style to their home. They also provide an excellent level of comfort and are perfect for any living space.

The sheepskin pelts used to make these rugs are created using sheepskins with soft, dense and plush wool, not reminiscent of that scratchy wool sweater you remember from years gone past.

Natural sheepskins display a multitude of colors and markings as seen in the photos. Depending on the lighting and colors in your home, the sheepskin may have different color tones. Sheepskin rugs are the ultimate natural fiber rug! Sheepskins blend with natural decor and neutral tones.

Sheepskin rugs are the ultimate natural fiber rug and are an affordable alternative option compared to a farmed fur rug. Our sheepskin rugs don’t come from sheep that are only raised for their fur or pelts. All our sheepskin rugs come from sheep that are free roaming and used for their milk, meat and fiber, so nothing goes to waste!

Our large sewn multi-pelt rugs are not only suitable for use as an area rug in your home. Use is unlimited! Customers use their sheepskin rugs in multiple ways, with just a few ideas listed below.

Throw Blanket
Large Sofa or Chair Cover
Horse-drawn sleigh seat cover
Wall Hanging
Flooring in a teepee

Regardless of how you choose to use your sheepskin rug, it will add warmth, texture, and luxury to your space!

“Sheepskin rug” is the term used to describe a sheepskin pelt, and not to be confused as being suitable for only the floor. Sheepskin use is unlimited.

Sheepskins are a natural, renewable, and sustainable resource, unlike their synthetic faux look-a-likes. We offer sheepskin products that are not raised for their hides alone. The products on our website come from sheep that are raised for their milk, meat and fiber.

Our sheepskin rugs are never tanned using detrimental chromium which is harmful to your health and the environment.

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100% natural genuine sheepskin




Natural Spots and Markings

Fur Origin

Area Rugs, Runners & Throws

Sheepskin Thickness and Density

Each sheepskin rug is ONE OF A KIND and is unique since these pieces are not factory created. No two will ever be exactly alike. We have come up with our own method for you to determine the thickness and density of each sheepskin rug so you can compare. We take each sheepskin pelt and fold it in half, then ball it in three folds and place it on a chair. Here you can see and compare sheepskins of similar length to how they match up.

How dense and plush are your sheepskins

Sheepskin rugs & Sizing

How we measure our sheepskins. We always measure on the wool side not the leather backside of the sheepskin

How we measure our sheepskin rugs

More information about our sheepskins

Shipping and Returns

Sheepskin Coloring

Depending on the lighting and colors in your home, the sheepskin may have different color tones more prominent than others seen on our website.

  • Natural sheepskins can have a mixture of tones such as cream, white, gray, tan, black and brown. It’s possible that a natural sheepskin can display all the colors in a single hide or show a combination of some of those colors. No two natural sheepskins will be alike.

  • A natural white sheepskin will NEVER be solid white. Natural white sheepskins can vary from a cream, ivory and often with lanolin which makes the sheep’s wool appear slightly yellow or beige. When placed near other warm tones, people rarely notice the color of lanolin.

  • A natural black sheepskin can be anywhere from very black, a deep brown black with reddish highlights due to sun exposure and sometimes have gray hairs.

  • A natural brown sheepskin can display a variety of shades from very light brown, golden brown, reddish brown to a dark chocolate brown. Sometimes a brown sheepskin can have all of those colors present in a single hide.

  • Natural gray sheepskins are stunning, rare and present with a variety of colors. Browns, blacks, creams, lanolin (beige) & different degrees of gray can be present.

Color questions? Email prior to purchase if you have certain expectations!