Using a sheepskin on the floor as a rug or not?

genuine sheepskin used as a rug on the floor

This is a super important topic and I believe very often overlooked and not explained! People often overlook and don’t understand the term sheepskin rug, which refers to the tanned pelt of a sheep, not an actual floor rug in a literal sense. So when you see the use of “Sheepskin Rug” we’re not referring to our sheepskins as suitable for only the floor or only use in your home. A sheepskin is a very versatile product with many uses which we leave up to you to decide how to use your sheepskin pelt you purchase from us!

Sheepskins make a wonderful plush floor rug, but are certainly not for every household or person. Sheepskins have a high pile and can be a trip hazard, especially for those who have disabilities and persons with mobility challenges. Using a sheepskin as a cozy spot on a chair or sofa is often the best choice in these situations.

Busy hustling families that work outdoors and don’t remove their shoes at the door don’t have a successful experience using a sheepskin on the floor as a rug. (We fall into this category)

Sheepskin area rugs are best used in areas that are not high traffic and it’s best to have a regular cleaning schedule. Brushing, shaking out and/or vacuuming without a beater brush.

If you choose to use your sheepskin on the floor, please do so at your discretion and be sure to use an anti-slip rug pad. Because sheepskins come from nature and are completely natural products, each sheepskin is unique and some feel closer to a soft blankie than an actual rug of any kind. 

We hope that we’ve cleared up the confusion you may have had about sheepskin rugs & their use.

Sheepskin Rug, and how others are using them

We have so many amazing clients and customers throughout the years who use their sheepskin in many ways. We’ve created a short list below.

  • Piano bench cover
  • Throw blanket in a horse-drawn sleigh
  • As a saddle seat cushion (horse and motorcycle)
  • Bareback horse pad
  • Camp pad to add insulation against the cold ground
    • Wall & railing decor
  • Car seat cushion
  • Chair pads in sitting chairs, dining chairs, as well as using them on sofas & ottomans
  • Decorative throws draped over the arm of a chair or over the back of a couch
  • Sewing and DIY projects
  • Costumes
  • Foot warming blanket at the bottom of the bed
  • Pressure relief for in between their knees while sleeping
  • Yoga, prayer and meditation mats

As you can see, this list can go on and on. How to use your sheepskin is completely up to you and your imagination.