Handmade Sheepskin Throws & Blankets

Browsing Noryageur, you’ll see we have different options for sheepskin throws. In the traditional sense, a throw is a blanket made into a rectangle. However, you can use single pelt sheepskin rugs as lap throws, or a sewn sheepskin rug with no backing as a blanket if you choose. Many people do!

In 2023 we started offering lined sheepskin blankets for clients looking for a more finished look and a snugly backside to cover up the stitching. As of right now, I line our throws with 100% organic flannel cotton, no filler or padding of any kind. The sheepskins create amazing warmth and the cotton prevents you from overheating while feeling soft against your skin. We will slowly begin offering custom orders for those of you searching for that soft fur blanket to keep you warm in the winter. We have access to organic flannel up to 110 inches wide!

We produce all of our flannel lined throws and blankets here in Vermont, sourcing imported pelts from Europe. We primarily use shorn Icelandic lambskins because they’re lightweight and easy to maintain.

We do not custom make any other products since these keep us busy 7 days a week. Our partner in Europe makes our unlined rugs and other products we offer for sale. If you’re wanting something unique, we can certainly source just about anything for you and in any shape! Keeping in mind, we only deal with natural sheepskins.

Genuine Sheepskin blankets & Throws currently available

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