What’s the best sheepskin rug?

When asking what the best sheepskin rug there is to buy, this is a very subjective question and based on opinion. The question people should ask is what’s the best sheepskin rug for my intended purpose? Not only will the intended purpose of your future sheepskin rug help you decide, but also the specific qualities and preferences you have. Each sheepskin pelt rug is 100% unique and natural, each sheepskin throw rug also has unique characteristics.

Color is the number one thing first searched for when looking for a sheepskin rug but more important is also the softness of the wool, the wool’s density, how little or much it sheds, as well as the length of the sheep’s wool. Other things that differ in each sheepskin rug are the suppleness of the hide and if it has a tendency to fold more like a blanket than lie flat like a true floor rug.

Still wondering what’s the best sheepskin rug is? We’re unable to answer this without you first telling us what qualities you desire and its intended use.

Here’s brief generalized descriptions of the four main types of sheepskins we offer available for sale:

Personally, I love the Icelandic sheepskins for their ease of styling, they drape effortlessly over furniture. Icelandic sheepskins, being supple, are also great as lap throws and, in your bed, to slip your feet under, for those of us with cold feet! Icelandic sheepskins don’t seem to mat or change in look as long as you infrequently brush them out. They’re also great as an emergency blanket.

Our natural English sheepskin rugs are typically amazing, as chair cushions and cushiony rugs under your feet. Anywhere you’re looking for a soft plush cozy surface, these are exceptional.

Our Swedish sheepskins are usually ultra silky and slightly less substantial than our English sheepskins and have shorter wool which makes them easier to maintain.

Albanian lambskins are some of the softest, small lambskins around. Why? Because they’re lambskins, which are among the softest available! Lambskins are lightweight and thinner than sheepskins and make great accent pieces or linings.

As you can clearly see, you need to rethink your search and find the best sheepskin for its intended use and qualities in which you desire. Only then will you find your best sheepskin rug. If you need help to decide, send us a quick email to info@noryageur.com