Why are Icelandic Sheep and their sheepskins so special?

Icelandic Sheep
Icelandic Sheepskin Free Roaming in Iceland

Icelandic Sheepskins come from Icelandic sheep which is a truly unique animal from a very specific geographical location, Iceland!

Icelandic Sheep are a heritage breed that has, like most creatures in Iceland, evolved in relative isolation since Viking times, the hearty Icelandic sheep are well-suited to withstand the country’s harsh weather.

There are around 500,000 Icelandic sheep in Iceland during the winter and 800,000 during the summer. That means there are more sheep in Iceland than there are people! Iceland only has one sheep breed in their entire country, and that’s the Icelandic sheep!

Icelandic Sheep raised in Iceland are 100% free roaming animals. The behavior of sheep keeps them in their regional area, and since Iceland is an island, the sheep can’t just leave. In Iceland, unlike America, there are no natural predators posing a risk to the Icelandic sheep!

The Icelandic sheep lamb their young naturally in the open lands and they remain wild until they’re rounded up in the fall and sorted among local farms. The round up is known as réttir which starts in September and can run through early October.

The Icelandic sheep are reared and kept with no pesticides, herbicides, grain, commercial feedlots, GMOs or hormones! Essentially, these sheep that our Icelandic sheepskins come from are essentially beyond organic!

These beautiful creatures are most commonly white but can’t find some spotted, black, brown and gray.